Central District Forms

  • District Reimbursement Form
      The WRJ approved Expense Reimbursement Form is a “fill in” form. You can save it after you fill in your information. Use it to submit your expenses for District Executive Committee Meetings to Sheilah Abramson-Miles. Sheilah will complete a voucher and send your form and your original receipts to me for reimbursement.
  • District Speaker Request Form
      Our district Speaker Request Form is necessary for you to get your next speaker for an event.
      Speaker’s Bureau chair, Michelle Simpson, arranges visits from district speakers for sisterhoods. Speakers can help with board orientations, leadership development, YES Fund events and installations. Speakers’ costs are paid for by the district and are a benefit of your district dues.
  • Roster Form
      The district board members want to be able to contact current sisterhood presidents and their respective chairs. If you have not gotten a blank roster form, it is available by clicking here. Please complete and send it to the Central District webmaster.
  • You can request a chair contact you at info@WRJCentral.org.

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