What is the WRJ Central District?

The WRJ Central District is one of eight districts of Women of Reform. It is composed of 36 affiliate sisterhoods and women’s groups in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Who is my direct link to the WRJ Central District?

Your direct link to the district is your Area Director. She will contact your sisterhood president at least quarterly, informing you of happenings throughout the district and WRJ, plus she will inform the district of what your sisterhood is doing. Information can also be obtained from the district newsletter, Isha L’isha, published four times a year. It is linked to our website. And of course, the WRJ Central District President is always available when you need her! Any of these people, as well as the district chairs, may serve as a resource person to help with ideas, guest speakers and sisterhood concerns.

What Is The Executive Committee Structure For The District?

WRJ Central District’s Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Area Directors, Nominating Chairs, various Secretaries, the Bulletin Editor, Parliamentarian, Historian and all WRJ Executive Committee members. Each Vice President is in charge of a department corresponding to the WRJ departments. The departments have chairs that serve as resource people for the district and our sisterhoods.


2014-2016 Central District Executive Committee

When does the WRJ Central District hold meetings?

Currently, Central District holds a District Convention in the Fall and an interim meeting in the Spring of the even-numbered years. Area Days are held throughout each year to encourage sisterhood women within their areas to connect and learn with each other. The Executive Committee meets, at least twice a year, to conduct business.

At the meetings, delegates have the opportunity to meet other women with similar goals, develop leadership skills as they learn from WRJ leaders and district speakers, learn new techniques to develop sisterhood programs and projects; and share sisterhood stories with each other.

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