2018 WRJ Central Award Honorees and Programs

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Sisterhoods as well as individual sisterhood members will be honored with the awards listed below at our WRJ Central District Convention in Beachwood, OH on Nov 9-11, 2018.

The award categories are listed below. Begin considering nominees for your sisterhood or members.  ​

  • Individual sisterhoods may apply for both Innovative Programming Award and President’s Award and may submit an application for more than one program in either category.
  • One woman from Central District will be chosen for  District Emerging Leader Award. Nominations for the District Emerging Leader Award can be received from any Sisterhood for any woman in the district.
  • Each winning Sisterhood and individual will receive their award in the company of their peers that includes Convention delegates; District Sisterhood Presidents and their local Board members; District Executive Committee and Board; and WRJ special guests and speakers.

The success of this coveted Awards ceremony depends entirely on YOU!

Please start now to consider who is the “Deborah” in your Sisterhood and look back over your programming and events from the recent two years and get your nominations in!

Award Categories – the following is a summary of each award

Innovative Programming Award
Sisterhoods’ entries of an innovative, energizing, original program(s) are judged and awarded according to size of the Sisterhood (by membership):
Small (1-99 members) Medium (100 –299 members) Large (300+ members)

Criteria for identifying and describing successful innovative programs are in part: leadership, attendance and response of targeted or general audience, financial and/or membership gains. Programs must occur between November 2016 and November 2018.

President’s Award
Sheilah Abramson-Miles, in her role as District President, has announced that the theme of this year’s award is “Tikun Olam.” This year’s President’s award will go to “the Sisterhood who has worked above and beyond to help make their community healthier, happier and safer”. Also awarded to Sisterhoods by size.

District Emerging Leader Award
Nominated by her own Sisterhood or by the District Executive Committee, this award will go to the one woman in the Central District, who, by demonstrating a clear and strong commitment to both her Sisterhood and Judaism, shows the potential to assume a role on the District Board or Executive Committee for the upcoming term or in the near future.

Deborah Honor
EVERY SISTERHOOD in the Central District is entitled to have one of their members receive this honor for exceptional service and commitment characteristic of Deborah, the prophetess, whose wise ways spread the light of Torah on everyone near her.