As a First Timer, what was YOUR Take-Away?

“Saturday and Shabbat services. Two cantors and their lovely soprano voices to my left; the overwhelming joy as Torahs were paraded through 5,000 strong, As I step out to offer my prayer book, wept audibly as I hugged a kind cantor.”

    Sandra Flaksman
    Women of Temple Shalom, Louisville, KY

” It is an amazing feeling knowing that not only do we (WRJ) have a voice but also that our voice is heard and respected! ”

    Amy Isaacs
    Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation Sisterhood
    Indianapolis, IN

I was amazed at how connected I felt to the other attendees. We either had common friends or family, or there were other ways that we felt close to each other.

    Joyce Fagin
    Sisterhood of Emanuel Jacob
    Mansfield, OH