We will be having a live auction at the Convention for VERY special items.

For example:

One week stay at a private condo in Miami Beach:

  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 1/2 bath
  • beach access
  • pool
  • parking
  • fitness center
  • stocked with kitchen utensils, bedding
  • Located near good restaurants, free trolley to South Beach.

    Bring your checkbooks and vacation plans

    Bidders should check with Sheilah Abramson-Miles to see what weeks are available.

    If you’ve forgotten your checkbook, it is possible to use a credit card for the condo and other auction items listed below.

    Note: These are not “LIVE” auctions. Do not place bid using credit card until you know you’ve won the auction.

    Be sure to see more auction items below

      Use multiples of the amounts below to pay for your auction win. You can change the quantity of $50 items at checkout, which will increment the payment in your Paypal shopping cart. Same with $18 increments. Use this option to pay for items you have won only. If you turn out not to have a winning bid, we will have to charge Paypal processing fees for refunds.

      There will be a 3% service charge (which shows up in PayPal as tax) to cover cost of the transaction for online purchases.

    And there will be more….

    From Pamela Feldman-Hill

    Set of hand-painted ceramic plates in paisely patterns, by Pamela Feldman-Hill.
    Cool colors on a 7 1/2 “ square plate and warm colors on an 11” square plate.

    Creative scarves and shawls created by Hillary Handwerger

    Not the best at taking selfies, but this is the best I have so far.
    Click on images for larger views and more detail.

    1- Burberry – long and made with bulky yarns
    17″ x 106″
    Minimum bid $36 (2 x chai)
    2- Rothko – not sure which is the better side??!! The yarn alone has a value of $100
    13″ x 85″
    Minimum bid $72 (4 x chai)
    Waterlilies— as soon as I saw this yarn I thought of Monet
    16″ x 72″
    Minimum bid $54 (3x chai)
    4- Estuary– And the sea rushes to shore….
    19″ at its widest x 85″
    Minimum bid $54 (3 x chai)

    From the magic of Liz McOsker’s hands

    Linen Lace Scarf
    Wonderfully warm welted shawl- Made out of a yarn meant for blankets


    Contact Pamela Feldman-Hill, 614-855-8499,

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