YES Fund Raffle

During the convention, we will be holding a raffle ticket Chance Auction to support the WRJ Youth, Education and Special Projects (YES) Fund. Each Sisterhood is being asked to bring one or two bottles of good wine or some fancy candies/chocolates with a value of $20-40. Pre-purchase your raffle tickets in advance.


How many do you want? 10 for $18, 25 for $36, or more?

If you want even more raffle tickets– you can change quantity at checkout.
There will be a 3% service charge (which shows up in PayPal as tax) to cover cost of the transaction for online purchases.
Tickets will be awaiting you at the registration desk.

Raffle tickets will also be available for purchase during the convention weekend.
Bring your checkbook.



Contact Pamela Feldman-Hill, 614-855-8499,

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