Calendar 2019-2020

WRJ Central District At A Glance

Dates are Subject to Change


Jan 15 Quarterly Isha L’Isha
Jan 19 Zoom Book Club
Feb 2 +/- 3days AD Calls / Grant Evaluations
March 14?? Spring Exec Board Meeting
April 3 Quarterly Isha L’Isha
April 30-May 3 FWC Phoenix- cancelled, later held virtually
May 15-17 GUCI Work Weekend- cancelled
June 1 +/- 3 days AD Call
June 8 +/- 3days Officers calls
June 15 Quarterly Reports Due to President
July 17 Isha L’Isha- Convention and Slate Info
July 26, 7:30 Zoom Book Group
Sept 4 Isha L’Isha- Convention registration, Bylaws
Sept 25 Scholarship applications deadline for Convention (per P&P)
Oct 11 +/- 3 days Officers Call
Oct 18 Open webinar to review proposed by-law changes
Quarterly Reports Due
Oct ? Special ISHA L’Isha to announce early bird closing
Nov 6-8 WRJ CENTRAL DISTRICT CONVENTION 2020, Cincinnati- to be held virtually.  This will be exciting; more info to follow
Dec 1 Isha L’Isha- convention wrap up
Dec ? Quarterly Calls, etc


June 25 Quarterly Reports Due to Pres.
August 1 Isha Announcing Interim Registration
August 14 (+/-) AD Call with 1st VP
August 23 AD Reports due to 1st VP
August 30 Reports for Interim Due
Special ISHA early registration deadline
Sept 13-15 Interim District Meeting – Columbus
October 10(?) Isha (Wrap up of Interim – confirm w/Marcia) Also Biennial Registration
November 6-8 WRJ Central District Convention, Cincinnati
November 10(+/-3) AD call with 1st VP
November 14/15 District President, VP’s, Treasurer and Recording Secretary Call
November 19 AD reports due to 1st VPs, District President, VP’s, Treasurer and Recording Secretary Call
November 29 Quarterly Reports
December 11-15 URJ Biennial in Chicago
December 15-17 DPC in Chicago