WRJ Central District Resources

Speaker’s Bureau

How can we assist your sisterhood’s programming? Speakers can help with board orientations, leadership development, YES Fund events, installations, and more. Speakers’ costs are paid for by the district and are a benefit of your district dues. District Speakers Bureau requests are scheduled based on availability, and it is recommended that all requests be submitted at least three months in advance. A district affiliate is eligible to get a district speaker once every two years.
Contact Karen Sim ( for all speaker requests.

Advocacy/Jewish Family Concerns

– Looking to take action? WRJ Central District is here to help. WRJ has a robust advocacy and social action agenda, and our District Chair is extremely knowledgeable about Reform Movement initiatives in these areas. Local sisterhoods benefit from help adding social action through education and advocacy to all programming.
Contact Courtney Johnson-Benson or Emily McOsker (, for programming assistance in advocacy, social action, creating caring community, and sacred aging.

YES Fund

How we support your passions throughout the world. Our YES Co-Chairs are knowledgeable about the YES Fund and can provide ideas for sisterhoods to support and educate their members about WRJ’s primary philanthropic effort. Contributions to this fund from sisterhoods help to ensure the future of the Reform Movement for our children and grandchildren. Information on what the money raised by the YES Fund supports and how individual sisterhoods can raise money for the YES Fund, including holding a YES Fund event, is available through this department.
Contact Sandy Adland ( for programming assistance or information on the YES Fund.

Affiliate Development

We’d love to have you join us! Is your women’s group interested in affiliating with WRJ? Our Affiliates Chair will work with you and our district to help you engage and connect with WRJ.
Contact for information or assistance in joining WRJ.

Central District Communications: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website and Isha L’Isha bulletin

How can we help you market your sisterhood? Our Central District Facebook page can help you market and promote your local sisterhood events and area days, and our website contains a wealth of information on Central District and WRJ, including upcoming events. Our quarterly Isha L’Isha bulletin will keep you up to date on events in our district, and articles can be sent to our Bulletin Editor.

Facebook: WRJ Central District
Twitter: @wrj_central
Instagram: @wrj_centraldistrict
Isha L’Isha Bulletin:

Contact Courtney Johnson-Benson or Emily McOsker (, for information on our website, or to promote information for your sisterhood events on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Contact Chris Zimmer ( to send articles for our quarterly bulletin.

Central District also has a blog, Sharing the Best to share and find information about sucessful programs and projects from local sisterhoods. Enter your information and images easily with the blog interface.

And then there are our Area Directors

Area Directors – We are here for you! The Area Director is the liaison between local sisterhoods and Central District. These women are terrific resources to sisterhoods, planning area days and facilitating on-going communications between sisterhood presidents and our District. See the list of our Area Directors under the Executive Committee.

WRJ Resources

As an affiliate of WRJ, we have access to many resources from both WRJ Central District and from WRJ. WRJ Central District has three chairs under each department. Click here to learn more about Central District’s organization.

    • The WRJ website, provides a great deal of information describing Women of Reform Judaism, its history, the leadership, advocacy, awards, events, and philanthropy. There is also a section on Jewish Life where you can learn about the holidays, find food and recipes, and torah study. And there is the WRJ Shopping area. This is a great resource to learn about WRJ overall, and what we do.
    • Yammer, is an online platform where women discuss issues important to them. WRJ Board Members, sisterhood presidents and leaders are invited to sign into Yammer. With Yammer, you can not only search for resources, but also connect with one another to ask questions and share ideas. As your sisterhood elects new leadership, be sure to update our leadership forms so the new leadership can access this and other WRJ tools.
    • The WRJ Consultant Program was created to provide WRJ-affiliated sisterhoods with access to WRJ leaders who are knowledgeable in topics that our affiliates often find challenging. Learn more about this program at
    • In 2007, WRJ released the publication of The Torah: A Women’s Commentary. The book has received accolades worldwide and is but one example of what women, working together, can achieve. WRJ Central District is a proud supporter of the commentary and encourages sisterhoods to use it for study and as a tool for educating congregations about sisterhood.
    • WRJ has gone Social! Visit WRJ on Facebook at, on the new WRJ Blog at,and on YouTube at