Area Directors

Lead Area Directors

Wendy Kohlenberg and Susan Singer

Area Directors

The Area Director is the liaison between local sisterhoods and Central District. They are a critical contact and resource for local affiliated sisterhoods and their presidents. They report on local sisterhood activities to the District. They create and represent the District at area days and represent the district at local sisterhood events. They contact their sisterhoods at least four times a year and submit summary reports to the district president, and 1st vice president at least once a fiscal year.

Area Days

Area Days are coordinated through the Area Directors. An Area Day is any time sisterhoods in an area agree to get together to learn and share. The purpose of this event is to provide Jewish experiences, renew and make new friends, learn about WRJ, and have fun. It is usually held in a city that is closest to all participating sisterhoods. Have an idea for an area day? Contact your Area Director to start the ball rolling.

The list of area directors can be found on the Executive Committee page. If you do not know how to contact your area director, contact