Marketing & Communications

The WRJ Central District Vice President is Marcia Persin

Marketing and Communications include the following chairs:

  • Isha L’Isha (Bulletin Editor)
  • Electronic Communications
  • Website Manager
  • Advocacy

Isha L’Isha Published quarterly or more often, Isha L’Isha keeps you up to date with our goings-on in our district. Send any articles you want to have included in Isha L’Isha to our Bulletin Editor at

Electronic Communications includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are updated and administered by our electronic communications co-chairs. Check out our accounts and follow or like us on:


Twitter: @wrj_central

Instagram: wrj_centraldistrict our District website, is managed by our website manager. She is responsible for all updates to our website. Contact her through

Advocacy co-chairs provide a resource in our district to keep us informed of any focus, campaign, or issue identified by WRJ. They can provide ideas and direction for education and social justice programming for your local sisterhood throughout the year. They can also connect you with WRJ resources. You can reach them at


Marketing and Communications include Communications and Information technology, public relations, marketing materials, website maintenance including on-line newsletter and production of publications.

To contact a WRJ Associate: