Marketing & Communications

The Department of Marketing and Communications encompasses the areas of Speakers Bureau, Awards, and Webmaster.

The WRJ Central District Vice President is Susan Glazer.

Speaker’s Bureau chair, Michelle Simpson, arranges visits from district speakers for sisterhoods. Speakers can help with board orientations, leadership development, YES Fund events and installations. Speakers’ costs are paid for by the district and are a benefit of your district dues.

    Download more information and a request form. Michelle can also help you arrange for a WRJ speaker

Awards Chair Beth Goldstein publicizes the awards program to our district sisterhoods. She collects applications for awards and chairs the committee that selects the award winners that are announced at the WRJ Central District Convention.

The Website Development Manager is Hillary Handwerger. She is responsible for updates to the website, WRJ Central District Facebook page, and our Blog, Sharing the Best.

    If you have suggestions for additions to the WRJ Central District Website, contact Hillary at


  • Marketing & Communications includes Communications and information technology, public relations, marketing materials, website maintenance including on-line newsletter, and production of publications.
      Megan Friedlander,

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