WRJ initiative: Pay Equity

WRJ Resolution: November 4-8, 2015

Learn more at http://www.wrj.org/pay-equity-0

Jewish tradition teaches the importance of paying fair wages as a matter of justice. In Leviticus 19:13, we are taught that to withhold a worker’s wages is to defraud her, an act akin to robbery. In Genesis 1:27, we learn that all human beings are created b’tzelem Elohim, in the image of the divine, and are thus deserving of equal rights and treatment. Together, these teachings compel us to fight for fair wages for all people.

This year WRJ launched a pay equity initiative to begin a new conversation about women’s equality in the workplace, in society, and in our personal lives to ensure that the next generation of women will not face the same injustices women face today. The issue of women’s economic empowerment, through the focused lens of paycheck fairness, will provide opportunities for our individual members, WRJ affiliates, WRJ Districts, Reform congregations, and others in the Reform Movement to engage in legislative advocacy, social action efforts, and educational programs.

We applied for an received a grant, in conjunction with the Women’s Rabbinical Network, from the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York. This 2 year effort will start in 2017.