Did you know that all WRJ resources are now on Yammer? Looking for Advocacy Alerts? Programming Ideas? Governance Guidelines? They are all on Yammer.

It is an invaluable tool for anyone connected to a sisterhood and WRJ.
Here’s how to sign up for Yammer

  • You must be invited to Yammer. The WRJ office sends invitations to new sisterhood presidents, women’s group leaders, individual members, and participants of WRJ programs like the Leadership Conference.
  • Alternately, you may request an invitation by sending your contact information – and sisterhood information, if applicable – to leadership@wrj.org.
  • Accept the invitation. It will take you to the login page for WRJ on Yammer.
  • For “Enter your work email address,” type the email address your invitation came to.
  • We recommend you bookmark the WRJ Yammer webpage, so that it will be easily accessible later.

Set Up Your Profile

  • Click your name, then click “Edit Profile.”
  • For Job Title put your Sisterhood Position (if applicable)
  • For Department put your Sisterhood name and location
  • For Location put the city and state you live in.
  • Click SAVE, at the bottom of the screen.

Join Groups (look on the left sidebar for the link)

You can browse the Yammer groups that are available by clicking Browse Groups >View More Groups >All Groups. It’s very important to join groups as most of the discussions on Yammer take place in groups!

  • Public Yammer groups can be viewed by clicking on the icon from the list. Once you are in a group be sure to click on the ‘Join’ button. Be sure to join the Central District group!
  • There are private Yammer groups for special interest cohorts. Some private groups you may be automatically added to, such as the one for Sisterhood Presidents if you are a Sisterhood President. If you see a private group that you are interested in joining – or know you should be in! – you can click ‘ask to join’ from the icon page.
  • Yammer groups that you join will be listed in the left sidebar. In addition, posts in your groups will show up in your news feed on the homepage along with any posts to All Network.
  • Now that you’re in some groups set your notification preferences

  • Click Your Name >Edit Profile >Notifications >Women of Reform Judaism
  • Select the Yammer groups for which you would like email notifications & how often you want to get notified.
  • Click SAVE, which is located after the list of groups.


The following guidelines will help you find the information you need, and make sure the right people see what you’ve posted so they can help.

  • Before posting a question, search to see if someone has asked the same thing recently, or if there is already a file that can help you. (The link to “files” is along the top.)
  • Post your comment or question to the correct group – not to “All Network.”
  • Use @ to notify one or more people of your post. If you write @FirstnameLastname and click on the person’s name when it comes up, that person will see the message in their inbox.
  • Use #hashtags in your post (“hashtag” being whatever you want, to help categorize your message, like #programmingideas) to help others find your message in a search.

Need to find a Group? A Person? A File?

  • Use the search bar at the top of any screen to search for people, groups, or files. You can search #hashtags too. This is a great tool!
  • If you find a post that has a #hashtag with a theme you’re interested in (#WRJActs) you can click on that hashtag to see all posts that have been marked with it.